Why the Name Change?

Effective Wednesday, July 1, 2013, Edgewood Dental Center became Modern Dental-same great practice, different name. The name change is as a result of many things. Stepping through our doors you may not know how our office is different. Many patients have come through our office thinking we are just like any other dental practice. It is time to let the world know just how unique we are!

First, the practice is rapidly growing. We continue to have patients coming from all over Atlanta to our office-as far as Alpharetta-and we have a growing number of patients coming from Locust Grove and other Georgia cities. We hope the word of mouth will continue to grow through our patients and other dentists and we can help even more patients across the southeast.

Second, we want to set ourselves apart from many dentists claiming to offer similar services and misleading patients. Drs. Lawton and Greene are two of the most qualified providers in Georgia, and we pride ourselves in being able to treat dental phobics. We also perform treatment for the armed forces personnel to get them deployable and have the means to give free dental services to active armed services personnel. There is a great need in the community, the surrounding communities, and the nation for the services we provide. We have an excellent staff, are always ready to take on the challenge of helping more patients, and the best thanks from our patients is always for you to tell others of your good experience. Realize, we do not turn patients away like other offices, we try to accommodate to the special needs of our patients, we are more medically minded, and do more than other offices to get insurance to maximize payment for you. We are now Modern Dental, we continue to offer a high standard of care.